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Registered Apprenticeship Partnerships

Effective partnerships are a critical component of developing and expanding Registered Apprenticeships in Oklahoma. Thank you to our partners!

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We value our wonderful community partners who offer apprenticeship opportunities as a proven career pathway.

Below are a few of our partners. To learn more about them we invite you to visit their websites. 

If you are interested in becoming one of our apprenticeship partners, and building a sustainable talent pipeline for your organization, please reach out directly to one of our Registered Apprenticeship experts:

John Woods                                                                     Joe Cox                        

405-496-8824                                                                  405-301-0875   



The Cherokee Nation registered its first apprenticeship for Heavy Truck Diver.

Apprenticeships are a great resource for tribes to grow their own skilled labor within their communities.

We are thrilled to see this growth and look forward to the creation of new apprenticeable occupations for the Cherokee Nation.


As a solution to talent shortage, Artes Pro Vita Academy created an apprenticeship program for office administrator to develop and retain new talent.

Artes Pro Vita works with Air Force Bases to provide professional development training.


Cosmetic Specialty Labs is a manufacturing facility that produces skin care products as well as customer formulated over-the-counter drugs.

They have created a program for technical sales.

The company's capabilities include art and layout development, creative packaging solutions and sourcing, custom product formulation, an internal and independent quality control unit and a product innovation and development laboratory.


JimFam is a bulk cargo transportation and logistics company based out of Mustang, OK.

Their newly established Heavy Truck Driver Apprenticeship program is helping as a solution to truck driving shortages.

The registration of their apprenticeship program also helps the company increase availability of funds and resources.


EquipmentShare is a national company providing fleet management services and technology solutions for the construction industry.

While the company has successfully been operating apprenticeship programs in other states, it has kick-started the program in Oklahoma with their Heavy Equipment Operator position.

Yellow is a national logistics and transportation company.

As a solution to the national truck driver shortage, Yellow launched its Heavy Truck Driver Apprenticeship in the state of Oklahoma.

Registering the program with our state, also allows the company to increase availability of funds and resources.


Based in Oklahoma City, Applied Industrial Machining provides contract machining and manufacturing services.

They registered their first program in Numerical Control in order to assist in building up their pipeline of skilled employees.


Dense Mechanical is a residential and commercial heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing company operating in Central and Northwest Oklahoma.

In order to help grow its talent pipeline, the company registered HVAC and Plumber positions.

Dense has registered 19 apprentices since registration in December and is working with our office for incentive funding.


InServ is a national company with offices in Tulsa.

InServ registered a program to assist them in hiring and skilling up Boilermakers in the Tulsa area.

The company specializes in Tank Services, Field Services, Construction and Turnaround Services, among plenty of other services in the Refining and Petrochemical Industry.


B&H Construction is a utility construction and horizontal drilling company based in Norman, OK.

They have hubs in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Enid, Austin, Texas and Mineral Wells, Texas with contracts around the country.

They registered their first apprenticeship in Geothermal and Well Drilling Operator position.

While this division is smaller in the company, they were able to obtain tax credits for an apprenticeship program in that occupation.

They have plans to register an additional 5 occupations as our office continues to work with them building out these programs.


High Country Contractors is a general contractor for airport construction projects.

We worked with them to address their need of training licensed electricians.

Through an apprenticeship program our office assisted them in creating a program and connecting to a flexible curriculum.

They now have two apprentices registered and on their way to becoming fully skilled, licensed electricians.

This program will also help them meet the Davis Bacon act requirements and remain competitive for federal bids.

They will be using incentives from our office to help with the cost of tuition for their apprentices.


Meridian Technology Center has been working with our office on creating apprenticeships that they sponsor for their employer partners.

They registered their first program in Auto Body Repairer with one employer at registration and looking forward to signing at least three additional employees this month.

They plan on sponsoring other occupations in order to provide additional options to their students and employers.


Located in Edmond, OK, Era Solutions supports HR and Talent Firms by providing a veteran pipeline in the Information Technology Field.

They registered a program for Software Engineer.

Their apprenticeship program is helping the company scale up their training operations to build up more veterans to become software engineers.

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